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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[Blog] London Diary 倫敦手札 ‧ 遊記隨筆目錄

Reading Beforehand:
Watch The English 瞧這些英國佬

Life in London:
Route from College Hall to RCM 求學道中
Autumn in London 時近入秋
Londoners' Guts 好膽倫敦人
2008 Bonfire in Ravenscourt Park, London

Chinese New Year's Eve 2009 in London 倫敦除夕年夜飯
Big Big Snow in London 倫敦大大雪
Westfield, London 我家旁邊有Shopping Mall!
Swedish Fish Night 瑞典醃魚之夜
London in Spring 春臨倫敦
Blossom Picnic in Hyde Park!! 海德公園賞櫻野餐!!
Our College Hall Kitchen Party 廚房趴體趴體!
Celtic Party in College Hall
Little Spring Onion Field 小小蔥花園
Naked Gang Before Royal Albert Hall 音樂廳前裸奔黨!?
Whittard Tea for One & Espresso Pot
The End of RCM Year 2008-9
Grocery Shopping in London 蛋糕貓英倫雜貨購物觀察
Back to London 2009
Autumn 2009 in London
Late Autumn in London 倫敦晚秋
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden 倫敦柯芬園皇家歌劇院
Early Xmas in London 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Chinese New Year 2010
The Last Birthday Gift 2010
Early Spring in Kensington Garden, London
Barbican, London
Spring back to London, 2010 春返倫敦
Flower Craze! 我花瘋了
Mid Spring in Kensington Garden
Early Summer in Kensington Garden 2010 倫敦初夏
Protest against Israel Ship Attack in London

Travel in London:
My Eurostar Advanture 蛋糕貓歐洲之星歷險記
Little Tour of West End and Chinatown in London 倫敦中國城初旅
One Day Trip to Greenwich 2008 格林威治一日遊
Natural History Museum in London 倫敦自然歷史博物館
Day Trip in Greenwich 2009 格林威治一日遊
The Wallace Collections, London
V&A Museum, London
Buckingham Palace, London 白金漢宮
St James's Park, London
Easter Sunday Evensong at Westminster Abbey 西敏寺晚禱
Regent Park, London
Fenton House, London
Queen Alexanda House

Travel outside London:
One Day Trip to Wye, Kent
Yorke Trust Opera Orchestra Summer 2009: La Dolce Vita
Yorke Trust Opera Orchestra Summer 2009: Orchestra Dress Up!
Yorke Trust Opera Orchestra Summer 2009: The Fab Food!!
St Albans Cathedral, UK 2010
Town of St Albans, UK 2010
Hatchlands Park, Surrey UK

Eating in London:
Harbour City, London 倫敦鹿鳴邨餐廳
Wong Kei Restaurant 旺記
Cafe Mantovani's

Fortnum & Mason Black Tea and Xmas Rum Butter F&M 紅茶 & 耶誕蘭姆奶油

Cooking in London:
Food Diary 20081003
Food Diary 20081011
Food Diary 20081028
Food Diary 20081029
Food Diary 20081109
Food Diary 20081117
Food Diary 20081202
Food Diary 20081214
Food Diary 20081216
Food Diary 20090121
Food Diary 20090204
Food Diary 20090222
Food Diary 20090228
Food Diary 20090318
Food Diary 20090331
Food Diary 20090406
Food Diary 20090407
Food Diary 20090417
Food Diary 20090420
Food Diary 20090505
Food Diary 20090517
Food Diary 20090523
Food Diary 20090531
Fppd Diary 20090604
Food Diary 20090624
Food Diary 20090711
Food Diary 20091011
Food Diary 20091106
Food Diary 20091107
Food Diary 20091129
Food Diary 20100213
Food Diary 20100228
Food Diary 20100314
Food Diary 20100322
Food Diary 20100401
Food Diary 20100421
Food Diary 20100501

Photos in London:
Picasa Web Album: Life in London 2008
Picasa Web Album: Life in London 2009
Picasa Web Album: Life in London 2010

Photos outside London:
Picasa Web Album: One Day Trip to Wye, Kent 2009
Picasa Web Album: Bath, UK 2009
Picasa Web Album: Norfolk, UK 2009
Picasa Web Album: St Albans, UK 2010

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