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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[Life] Royal Opera House, Covent Garden 倫敦柯芬園皇家歌劇院

From Life in London, 2009


上學期因為聲樂學妹發現便宜歌劇站票,往往只要6鎊或7鎊就可以看一整晚的歌劇或芭蕾,所以上學期看了Donizetti 愛情靈藥和 Verdi 假面舞會,暑假趁回英國參加 baroque orchestra 的機會看了 Prokovief Romeo & Juliet,這學期雖然忙得不可開交還是發狠狂看 Verdi Don Carlos 和兩場芭蕾Sleeping Beauty 和 Mayerling。

雖是站票,往往都會有空位可坐 (Don Carlos 那次場場爆滿,卻極端好運碰上超好心服務員,幫所有站票的人找空位哪~),全部加起來還花不到40鎊實在值回票價啊啊啊~~

提早到場也很有趣,看有錢人在歌劇院餐廳優雅晚餐等歌劇開場,中等階級則在 bar 點杯咖啡蛋糕暖身,窮學生如蛋糕貓則自行攜帶三明治,歌劇院野餐也很不錯哪~XD


Music lover in Taiwan said...

Hello. I have several questions about the ticket booking of Royal Opera House after reading this article you wrote. I have sent my questions to your Google mailbox at My appreciation if you are able to answer them. Thank you. (from a music lover in Taiwan)

cakecat said...

Dear Music lover in Taiwan,

Sorry I didn't received the mail.

Would you mind to send it again or post your question on the blog? :)

Moon said...

Hello, cakecat. I would like to apologise first that I used my mailbox which makes mistakes frequently to send the mail. Plus, I apply my poor English to type that mail, because I am not sure whether your P.C. is able to read Chinese characters.
Whilst sending to you the e-mail, I have also pasted an article with almost the same content on PTT's opera board (the 349th article, in Chinese). If you know how to use BBS, it is also welcomed for you to discuss my issues there, at telnet://>Class-->7 Audio-Visual Theatre-->8 Music World-->2 Music Area-->31 Opera. In fact, two music lovers have already answered the questions partially. I am sorry that it is a little bit urgent if you are able to help me. However, "it is never too late".
Sorry, but my questions are too long to paste here. May I list some of my temporary decision as follows:
1.Join Friends of Covent Garden with 79 lb first, and book tickets on time on 3 March.
2.Book Simon Boccanegra first, and try La Traviata immediately later. Book Salome if both failed.
3.Preferred dates: Simon Boccanegra on Thu.15 July; La Traviata on Wed. 14 July
May I ask you for any suggestion? Thank you so much! (Music Lover)

cakecat said...

Dear Moon,

Sorry, I don't quite understand your questions. Your procedure and choices look good to me.

Is that you mean you are facing some difficulty of joining the friend of Covent Garden or booking tickets? Or you want me to recommend you some opera?

BTW, I can read Chinese on my computer. So write in Chinese if you wish to. :)

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